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Once there was a lawyer’s daughter who wanted to please her father, so she studied hard to work with a leading insurance corporate. To be honest, the lawyer’s daughter wasn’t much good at work - in fact she was a walking liability, and her master’s degree was entirely eclipsed by the degree of incompetence she displayed in her decisions. So she wisely left the industry before she could become an embarrassment for such an honored profession.

With a lifelong love of writing, she discovered that the writing business provides an ideal opportunity to those who love to create magic with words. So she began her journey in a totally new field of content writing. She shaped her skills with every chance that she got and worked hard to fulfill her desire to establish herself as a good content writer. Writing became such a process of discovery that she couldn't wait to get to work in the morning: She wanted to know what she was going to say ans she wanted to learn.

Her journey wasn’t without few glitches – sometimes she spent hours in making her copy look right and the clients were so scatterbrained that they forgot to pay and ignored her emails. Keeping that aside, her writing routes have been carefully crafted by God who also made sure she meets good people along her way.Over the last few years, her enthusiasm for content writing has grown many folds and she takes pride in the quality of work undertaken by her. You can click here to go to her portfolio.

As soon as her new office is ready, you must visit her once to see the place from where she writes. With peacocks dancing right in front of eyes, there couldn’t have been a better location than this in the entire Gurgaon to let the imagination fly and create copies that matter.