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What I Write

I love writing.  I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”  James Michener
I love the simplicity of these words by Mr. Michener. Passionate. Right to the point!

As a freelance content writer and sales copywriter based at Gurgaon, I specialise in writing sharp, memorable pieces that help you build your brand. The content is carefully crafted to increase awareness about your organisation and promote conversion rate. I’ve written everything from brochures to magazine features to press releases to web content to job descriptions.

I enjoy the challenges of putting too much information into precise knowledge or creating pages when there isn’t any material available. My writings can make something difficult so easy to understand that even a layman is easily connect to it.

Light-hearted or corporate. Content for technophobes or content for geeks. B2C or B2B. I've done it all and it would be a pleasure to do it for you, too.