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Proof-Reading/ Editing

My proofreading services can help you in checking your paper for inconsistencies, ambiguous vocabulary, incorrect use of language and all other details which can easily tarnish your image. Proofreading is not something that could be taken lightly. Instead, good proofreading services can improve your writing to a great extent while giving it a touch of clarity and logic.

Here’s a rundown of what is included in my proofreading services:

  • Correction of grammatical errors
  • Modification of spelling blunders, their usage and punctuation errors
  • Ensure that there is a logical sequence to your writings
  • Highlight the sections where language can be improvised to make sure that it hits the target audience in the best way

My editing is solely to fine-tune your work. Give me a call if you’d like to talk about it in detail.